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The concept of support at G.E.S.

Unlike many other IT services companies, support is especially important to us at G.E.S.

Actually, the way we see things, support is where a partner can offer genuine added value, because it guarantees that clients really do receive ongoing backup.

So the concept of support is a huge one, and has to be tailored to the individual needs of every business and each situation.

Nowadays, we at G.E.S. carry out a lot of support work, often taking a “customised” approach:

  • Revente de contrat de support constructeur
  •  Consolidation de contrats de support
  • Gestion de contrats de support avec ajustement annuel
  • Tiers-maintenance avec SLAs spécifiques
  • le support Helpdesk
  • Support téléphonique et système d’astreinte
  • Surveillance d’infrastructure (backup, hardware, scripts,…)
  • Convention de réparation
  • Convention d’envoi de pièces de rechanges
  • ...

The support should be tailored to IT infrastructure rather than the other way around!