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System virtualisation

With the advent of system and workstation virtualisation, infrastructure management has been revolutionised and many businesses have gone down this road in order to achieve improvements to flexibility, performance, security and costs.

Ever since we entered this new era, the G.E.S. team has been carrying out virtualisation work based on VMware technology, and especially the vSphere and View products.

However, virtualisation does mean that real precautions need to be taken, as there are many routes to effective virtualisation, some of them more fraught with pitfalls than others, so we at G.E.S. attach real importance to gaining a proper understanding of the issues faced by IT departments and business functions before suggesting a solution.

Our engineers then draw on all their experience and skills to:

  • audit the current infrastructure and decide which servers can be virtualised
  • highlight the effects of virtualisation (pros and cons)
  • build the right solution which is also future-proofed in terms of licences, hardware, support and services
  • make sure the solution is rolled out properly and quickly
  • keep the client constantly informed and involved in the configuration so that the solution can be adapted for best results
  • provide the client with training in how to manage the new virtualised environment
  • draw up the documentation
  • carry out an audit a few weeks or months after the migration to check the configuration and make a few adjustments, if necessary
  • etc.

With G.E.S., the virtualisation of the infrastructure is monitored and tailored to your needs, so it’ll make sure you get the full benefits.