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Consolidation... a whole host of solutions!

If you ask IT managers “how are you expecting to consolidate your infrastructure over the next few months?" you'll get a huge range of different answers!!

Actually, consolidation is a whole host of solutions rather than just one, and approaches can vary radically in terms of levels (servers, storage, security, etc.), pace (in stages or as a block), investment, etc.

The one thing that all consolidation projects have in common is that they aim to rationalise and optimise the infrastructure to offer simplified management and reduced costs.

We at G.E.S. understand this and so we’ve gone for a “tailor-made” approach to consolidation projects based upon enormous flexibility and ability to adapt. First and foremost, adapting means being prepared to listen and understand what IT departments really need,

which is why our consolidation projects are generally based around:

    • regular open discussions between G.E.S. engineers and our clients’ IT departments
    • documented audits designed to gain a better overview of the current environment
    • presentations and demonstrations of technological solutions
    • tests carried out either at the G.E.S. laboratory or on the client’s own site
    • comparisons, highlighting the solutions’ strengths and weaknesses
    • estimated results designed to be as realistic as possible
    • visits to existing clients
    • briefings while projects are underway
    • official validation after the project
    • etc.

Finally, all our partners provide us with active support to ensure the successful completion of consolidation projects, so please don’t hesitate either to talk to them about us or to get in touch with us directly!