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Backup management

The G.E.S. team has been involved in the world of IT backups for many years, in a large number of often quite different environments, and this has allowed us to build up plenty of solid experience in setting up or optimising backup solutions based upon different technologies, so G.E.S. engineers have an excellent overview of the various participants, and are able to offer helpful advice on dealing with the various issues encountered.

This means that our clients generally call on our services when dealing with the following problems:

  • backup volumes increase too quickly
  • backup window overruns
  • difficulties either with backing up or restoring data
  • major changes to the infrastructure (virtualisation, consolidation, etc.)
  • changes to strategies (cassettes, disks, etc.)
  • licensing method optimisation (agent, volume, site, etc.) refreshing the backup environment
  • etc.

Whether you need help with a problem involving monitoring, performance, trust or costs, we at G.E.S. can suggest a service or solution tailored to your needs.

What we aim to do is to make sure your backup environment is stable and thus that you can trust it.
If you’d like to know how to do this just get in touch with us and together we’ll build the best solution.