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Archiving - a recurring issue

Archiving is a recurring issue for all IT departments which have already reached an advanced stage on infrastructure virtualisation, consolidation and backup projects.

One question which soon comes up is “what should we do with all this data which is hardly ever viewed but still needs to remain easily accessible for many years?"

Well the good news is that we at G.E.S. can help you find an answer!

Obviously the answers will depend on the specific needs of the environment in question, but here are a few basic points on which our approach is based:

    • deciding which of the issues are priorities: bringing the system up to legal standards, reducing storage cost, performance, reducing the risk of data loss, delocalisation, etc.
    • optimising the existing environment (validation of best practices)
    • proposing and assessing new software solutions such as Symantec’s Enterprise Vault or Atempo’s ADA
    • for major projects, we can look at a larger-scale solution such as EMC Atmos, Centera or Data Domain.
    • testing and validation across a representative data sample
    • integrating with the current infrastructure as consistently as possible
    • etc.

Because we have a wide-ranging overview of the various archiving options chosen by our clients, we’ll be able to present you with these choices and the reasons why they were made.

As finalising an archiving project is usually a sign of an infrastructure which is well-managed overall, we’d be delighted to work alongside you during this stage.

So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to come and show you our experience with projects of this kind.